Clackamas County Resolution Services

Sometimes the amount, and extent, of available resources can be surprising. For example, most people are unaware of the work being done at Clackamas County Resolution Services (CCRS).

CCRS services include:

  • mediation (between individuals or within a community)
  • counseling
  • parent education classes
  • conflict resolution training

These services are available to anyone in the community and fees vary by service. Couples who are in the process of ending a marriage or partnership are entitled to some mediation sessions are no additional charge (the cost is covering by court filing fees).

Domestic mediation can be a helpful option for resolving disputes. It is less expensive than formal litigation and includes more accountability than meeting in a coffee shop or addressing conflict via text. For domestic violence survivors it is especially helpful to have a third party in the room—and vital that they understand the dynamics of abuse. Survivors are often baffled by the odd requests their abusers make and then further frustrated as his mind changes on a dime. It is not uncommon for a couple to hammer out a parenting agreement that heavily favors the abuser’s demands only to have him throw the agreement out the next day. Having another person to support a survivor’s reality can help reassure her sanity during a time when the abuser often revs up his tactics to maintain power and control.

That being said, mediation is not always the best thing for a DV-involved couple. CCSR screens for domestic violence and can alter the form mediation takes to suit individual need. This is also true for those with a restraining order at any time within the last calendar year. Couples with minor children may be ordered by the court to attend mediation.

About 75% of service users reach an agreement on some or all of their issues as a result of mediation. Mediation is also available in Spanish.


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